Steps for joining the military / what division to choose?

I want to know what steps I need to take in order to enlist in the military, as basic as it gets.

I am also unsure which division to choose. I would like to join the army for stability and discipline, to stay fit, to grow emotionally, and to make lasting friendships. I am not afraid of combat, and I want to be able to DO something, not just sit and watch people get hurt.

Information that may help:

18 years old

Graduating with a highschool diploma and an AA degree



Very little family supporting the idea of joining the army (uncle & aunt only, everyone else will disown me)


In addition, any specifics about what I will need to do before actively joining military training (i.e. leaving home) would be greatly appreciated

Update 2:

US, Florida to be specific. Sorry :)

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    What country are you from? That would help. (Just add it in the details and I will edit my answer to add the actual answer, depending on if it's the same country as me, if not I won't know)

    EDIT: Oh okay, well I'm an 19 year old girl in the process of joining the army but I'm from Canada so It's different :s. I found the steps for joining here though for you:

    I guess you could either just fill in the online application and wait for them to contact you (like I did) or you can find the nearest recruiting centre and go talk to a recruiter, maybe ask a few question and I'm sure you can fill in the application there too.

    If all goes well they should give you a date for your ASVAB (Here we have the CFAT which is pretty similar,I took it december 11th) to determine which jobs would suit you best and if the army is for you. Then if that all goes well, you get an appointment for MEPS (I'm not sure what that is as we don't have that but you can check online and all).

    As for what division, it all depends on your personal interests and It's hard for me to say since I don't know you. There is a little test on the army website though that asks questions and then tells you what jobs would fit you best according to your answers.

    Just do a lot of research on the jobs listed on the website and see what sounds interesting to you. As my 3 choices I put: Combat engineer, ammunition technician and infantry (I know at least 2 of them you can't do because in the USA women can't have direct combat roles like infantry but in canada women can have any job).

    As for before basic training there isn't much to do except for going through the process (ASVAB,MEPS..) and lots of waiting. I would also start getting in the best shape possible right after sending your Application. You wanna be in great shape for training in case all goes well and you get accepted into the army.

    My family was not the most supportive either. Well my dad didn't seem to really care if I did and I only told my mom about the army after I had applied and had a date for my CFAT. I told her by text (I was gonna tell her the following week-end but I needed her to bring me some stuff I needed for my CFAT (like birth certificate)) She just said ''really?'' and I said yeah and we never talked about it again. When I bring it up she changes the subject. I guess it's not too bad, at least she isn't trying to convince me not to, like my sister (she is pretty mad at me for joining).

    But your 18 and legally an adult so you can do whatever you wanna do.

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    First step is to figure out if you actually want to do the military. Some people believe that it's arduous, but at the end of the day, its just work.

    After that do some searches and ask around about the branches(since I'm navy, mind me if I tend to stick on what the Navy is all about). Try to ask people other than recruiters, recruiters should be contacted in order to see whats open and that's it. They hype jobs up all the time and while they do tell the truth, they often leave grey areas in what they're talking about (sometimes the who will be there, but the what when where why and how will be missing).

    You're grown, after you turned 18, no one no longer has the final say so in regards to you joining but you. I couldn't tell you what job/what branch to pick because you didn't really give a good description of what interest you, if you'd like to keep it to yourself that's fine, but I attached a link below so you can look at jobs. Good day/

    Source(s): Active duty USN, e-5 link to jobs :
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    To make it as generic as possible-

    Talk to a recruiter (or all of them) and see what they have to say.

    You have to know what you want to do and what you just can't stand to do.

    Each branch has their own lifestyle and attitudes toward work and personal development.

    They all have (more or less) the same kind of jobs available to the right person.

    The better you do on your ASVAB test, the more jobs will be available to you.

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