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What Does It Mean When You Get Dizzy and Nausea?

This is the first time I have feel this. I have never feel dizzy, but I have gotten nausea. This happen today in the morning. I started to get a pain on my stomach and then feel dizzy like everything was rotating. The nausea started and I woke up and went to the bathroom, but nothing happened. I went back to my bed and like in a hour it happened the same thing. Right now, I don't feel this but my stomach is a little weak. Like I said, I have never feel dizzy and this three things at the same time. I just want to know what does it means.

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    You may have viral infection, however this will go away within 1 week! You should also take some kind of anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen! You should also drink plenty of water, and get plenty of rest! if your symptoms does not improve within 1 week, then you should see your physician!


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