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is it normal for a kitten to be constantly hungry?

I have a 6 month old kitten who is always hungry.I feed him 2 x a day,a can of friskies.Also,theres always dry food set out for him all the time.But he is always hungry.Should i be feeding him more than 2 times a day of the friskies?

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    i read once that little kittens should be fed more often - like 5 times a day as they need vitamins and have faster metabolism. But make sure it's not getting too much, cat can't control themsevles and will eat till they throw up (personal experience...)

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    A kitten food with more protein (meat) will fill him up better and , btw, make less poop and less stink in the litter box. Read labels and get a grain free food with no by-products. And make sure the kitten gets de-wormed by the vet...the stuff you buy at the grocery store is not your best or safest choice.

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    There is very little protein in cat food (about 4%). Try feeding him on some good quality stuff, or fresh chicken and fish.

    Source(s): had cats for 34 years, got 3 now - they are fed ONLY on fresh, cooked chicken and turkey, and the occasional can of tuna in oil
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    Your cat sounds normal for his age. Just to be sure though, he should be totally wormed and vaccinated by now. If he hasn't been fully wormed, then he might not be getting all the nutrients from the food (hence requiring more of it).

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    Absolutely, they are like teenagers taking in as much food as possible to grow their bodies. Don't worry in another six months he will be fully grown and be eating more normally.

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    Yes...... all little kittens are hungry constaly like that

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