How often does a rental property need to have a breaker box inspected?

My lights flicker and one room we have to flick the light switch a lot before the light will come on

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  • 7 years ago
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    They are inspected when first installed, not after that.

    As stated, this is a lose wire, likely the switch, but it could be at the light. Tighten the screws at the wires, that should solve this.

  • 7 years ago

    While it could be a bad breaker, it is most likely faulty fixture; ie lamps/outlets/switches.

    You do not state when the lights flicker. If it occurs when some large appliance "kicks on", then the circuit is overloaded because the appliance is drawing more juice than it was designed for.

    Amps (the rating of circuits) is a measurement of the amount of electricity flowing through the wires. The circuit breaker is matched to the load capacity of the wires. Do Not ever replace a circuit breaker with one rated higher.

    If the lights flicker randomly, then it could be bad wiring in the lamp (if table mounted), the fixture (if ceiling mounted) or the switch (if the outlet/fixture is controlled by a switch).

    I assume you are the tenant from the way you worded the question. Contact the landlord and file a maintenance complaint. This is just a formal notice that there is a problem. If he fails to do anything in a "reasonable" amount of time, file the complaint again.

    Depending on state law, you may have to do certain things before you may get it fixed yourself. So, contact your state's Consumer Protection office or District Attorney's office to inquire about tenant rights laws.

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  • 7 years ago

    Breaker boxes NEVER have to be inspected, unless something goes wrong with them (a weak breaker or similar). As another responded, you may have a loose connection or a deficient light switch(s).

  • 7 years ago

    It is not the fault of the breaker panel. There is a loose wire connection in the light switch.

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  • Donald
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    7 years ago


    But what you're describing has nothing to do with the breaker box. It has to do with a bad light switch. That's what ought to be replaced.

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