Why do people hate Emo's so much?

Ok I'm Emo and all I get is like looked down on. Why do you hate us so much? We don't do anything to you.

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    7 years ago
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    I have no idea. Some people find emo people really hot, some people say they're attention seeking. Maybe it's because of how we stand out slightly, wear a lot of black etc. also the music. Many people just don't like those who are different. People don't like me because I wear a lot of black, I like stuff like BVB, MCR and PTV. Also, the stereotypical emo cuts themselves, is depressed all the time, wears only black, and all that cr@p

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  • 7 years ago

    Emo's are naturally different and in a very noticeable way. wearing black sets them apart visually, music sets them apart from alot of adults (as s lot of people may emotionally reserve emo music to those that want to feel very emotional about something (angry/sad etc). The typical train of thought of an emo may also set them apart, though I can only speculate on that. Also some of the music bands around these days are emo and the members don't necessarily exhibit behaviour a 'model citizen' would label as mature or responsible, though it happens in a huge variety of music genres. Then there is the social stereotype of cutting, being dramatic, liking morbid things, maybe even hanging out in cemeteries depending on the emo perceiver. I think all people have a need to vent at something and due to stereotypes emo's in general seem to be an unfortunately easy target for the non emo

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Mostly because the "look at me, I am soo morbid" routine is so very sophomoric. Every generation has its "dress in black with long hair in the face" fashion. Look up "beatnik."

    You get looked down on because most teenagers bunch up into little groups and look down on each other. Part of growing up.

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