Subwoofers not hitting that hard!!?

i have two 12 inch MTX thunders powered by a 1000 watt sony amp and they don't hit that hard. I do not have them bridged right now because they sound cleaner when they are not bridged. is my box possibly too small? do i need to get a ported box and bridge them again? my roommate has two sony 12 inch subs and they vibrate your ears when they hit. mine don't and it drives me crazy cause my old 10 inch subs did. if someone could help that would be great! thanks yall

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  • 7 years ago
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    Use (RF TECH WOOFER WIRING WIZARD) Google it,it's a good site to use when wiring any Sub or Sub's to any Amplifier you plan on using. A good class D Amplifier is best for powering Sub's. Peak power rating's are meaningless and should seldom be reached.It's the Continuous RMSw's that you should be using to match up any Amp to any Sub or Sub's. That Sony Amplifier is your problem,not enough power to run 2 12's. Say each one of your Sub's is making 200 Continuous RMSw's. So you add them together in this case we have Continuous RMSw's are 400. You never say how many Ohm's the Sub's are? 2 Ohm or 4 so what your looking for is a match for Continuous RMSw's without going over from Amp to Sub's at whatever Ohm's load you end up with after using the Site explained.If you do nothing i explained here at least look at the site to get a good idea on powering Sub woofers.

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  • Aero D
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    7 years ago

    You might have one wired backwards ( out of phase ) Try switching the + and - on one speaker.

    Good Luck!

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