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What was your favorite moment of 2013?

Is there a moment in 2013 that made this year for you? I can't think of one myself (it's been a really good year for me, and I can't decide what to choose). What about you?

BQ: Least favorite moment? If it's too personal, then you don't have to answer this BQ.

Here's to 2014 everyone :)

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    Like so many have said, there's been a lot of them. Going to different concerts around Michigan for the first time, for one, and meeting so many great people - including Steam Powered Giraffe, who I also discovered earlier on in 2013, and getting to meet some of them and see them live was amazing.

    I got to try my hand at dating and having a real relationship, which, even though it didn't work out and I haven't come across any opportunities since, was really crucial to me becoming a better person. Also acting work, so much this year has happened for that; I tried out for auditions outside of school, and got to be a part of professional shows and make friends and have such a good time. It's cemented that I want to do this forever, and the realization that I can hold my own among people that do this for a living is fantastic.

    BQ: Losing said girlfriend at the top, moments in acting where I knew I wasn't at my best, money troubles, distant family sh*t, boring depressive days at times. But I'd say this was a life-changing year for me and I'm glad I lived it.

  • 7 years ago

    There have been many great moments but I think my favorite by far was being accepted into my dream university. I will never forget Thursday March 28th, 2013. Best day of my life yet, hands down.

    BQ: It's a long story but I'll condense it. Basically this girl on my floor hates me because she has insecurity issues and unfortunately for me, I happened to like the same guy as she did. She went around telling my friends that I'm ugly, stupid, drink too much, etc. All of which aren't validated so…yeah. She apologized but I was so angry because I hadn't done ANYTHING. It was only later when one of my super intuitive friends say this girl is jealous that I got over it. Still a little annoyed but we're civil.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    To me 2013 has just gone by so fast, I do think that it has been better than last year because I am more closer with my friends now. I really can't think of something that has to be my most favourite thing this year just so much has happened.

    BQ a: doing bad on a few of my tests at school hopefully next year I will be more prepared for them

    Have a great 2014!

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    It wasn't really a moment, but I was in a mental hospital for a few weeks and that was my favorite part of 2013. It sounds weird, I know, but it's true. I made a lot of progress there; I feel like an actual human being now.

    BQ: Too personal.

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  • KayKay
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    7 years ago

    Oh gosh there's so many!

    - Finally getting the motivation to get my driver's license was pretty awesome.

    - As well as getting my beautiful car. :D

    - Prom night when my date and I totally accidentally crashed a wedding... {no one specified that prom was BEHIND the old theatre...we thought it was AT the old theatre..oops. xD}

    - Graduating high school and giving my Valedictorian speech was a bittersweet moment for me.

    - So was moving into college for the first time...

    -- Getting my first kiss was pretty interesting. It was weird at first.

    - Meeting and getting into a relationship with my boyfriend was definitely a high point for me, especially when I had figured I'd be one of those "forever alone" people. (: I've had my share of heartbreaks and I didn't think I could open up to someone as much as I do with him. He knows so much about me that I've never told anyone else and I think that's pretty cool.

    -- Finding an awesome group of friends at college was wonderful. I love each and every one of them and we always have a great time when we're together. (:

    BQ: My least favourite moment...I've had a rocky year. There've been many many good things but I've always had a bunch of turns and twists along the way. My least favourite moment is probably when one of my close friends back home, whom I thought would always be there no matter what, decided to believe his other friend's lie about me. Needless to say, that close friend decided then that he hated me. Now he flipflops between hating me and wanting me back as a friend. I just don't know. :/ Life, man. Life.

    Another least favourite moment was the beginning of this month when finals came around. My chemistry final stressed me out so bad that I had a complete breakdown... I cried and just thought that worst was going to happen because I was "going to fail". If there's one thing you know about me, it's that I don't cry over anything. Not in front of people, at least. And I broke down right in front of my boyfriend and my friends. Twice. The night before my exam and the morning after I took it. It's not one of my strongest moments and it's really stupid now because somehow I ended up passing the exam even though I guessed on half of it because I didn't know it, it was that difficult. But eh. x.x I'm thankful I passed with a C though.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I can't choose. 2013 kinda just flew by for me. 2012 was probably my best year ever so far. This year wasn't bad but it wasn't that great either.

    BQ: I had a lot of trouble with school this year. Finding a school, that is. It gave me a lot of stress. Everything is wonderful with school now though, so I'm glad about that.

    *holds up glass* To an awesome 2014!

  • Abbey
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    7 years ago

    Definitely my summer trip I believe. We go to Yellowstone every summer with a group of family friends and their kids who I go to school with and one night my friend and I built a fire and cuddled by the fire watching the stars and talking about random stuff for like twenty minutes while our other friend was asleep and the other was in the bathroom. It was so nice. If I could freeze a moment then that would be it. It was freezing cold and we were just cuddled up together staying warm and out there the sky is so clear-you can see the milky way perfectly and shooting stars go by every like 3 minutes. It was beautiful and just so nice!

    BQ: Well I had to choose between two classes to take this year and I was so stressed about for 2-3 weeks. I was depressed. And it was the end of summer so I was already sad. I'm still upset about it. But I would have to say my least favorite moment was having to put my dog down. We had her for 10 years and she had trouble walking-she couldn't get up on her own and it was hard for her to stand long enough to even go to the bathroom. It was painful to watch her and the goodbye was one of the saddest things for me.

    Let's hope for a fantastic 2014 :)

  • There's been a couple.

    I ditched class for the first time. Instead of sitting in Physics my best friend and I had a heart-to-heart.

    I went to my first high school dance. I danced the entire night. I felt free and extremely happy.

    I went to my Senior Prom.

    I graduated high school.

    I went to an private after party at my friend's house and it was just completely fantastic!

    I had one last hang-out date with my best friend before college. We had a mini-war shoving each other in the water at the beach.

    Meeting one of my first college friends! We may not be friends for life (he's transfering), but he did have a big impact on my life.

    It's been a pretty good year! I can't wait to see what 2014 brings!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I guess my favorite moment was being asked out on a date even though the relationship didn't last long.. plus he never officially asked me to be his girlfriend but that I got to go out with an awesome guy for a while, it made me feel special.

    BQ- least favorite moment? I guess finding out from the same guy that he wanted to be just friends and for me to not take us serious. Like I wasn't expecting that at all. Oh and misplacing my giftcard I got for Christmas :( I hope I find it soon because then I get to spend it.

    I call 2014 to be the best year yet :)

  • 7 years ago

    It was probably the last day of art school this summer. I'd made friends from all of the country, the world even... And it was amazing to spend the last day with them installing our work, talking, hanging out, taking pictures. I miss them like crazy every day.

    BQ: Hmm, it's pretty personal. Let's just say I was forced to be around a man who abused me when I was younger over the holidays. It was pretty rough.

    Source(s): Happy New Year! (:
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