Why does my computer shut down when i put it to sleep?

Have an HP z6013w. When im not using it, i will click start, extend the shut down arrow, and put it to sleep. its always worked fine. now for some reason. when i click sleep, it shuts down. and i have to reboot it everytime. already tried turning hibernate off, then back on. but its not the hibernate feature. can ANYONE help me fix this. thanks.



1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Hello Aaron

    As you stated this issue did not always exist and it is an unusualy Hibernation issue I would recommend that you follow Step 6. in the HP Support document titled "Resolving Problems with Sleep and Hibernate Modes (Windows 7)" linked below. This will show you how to use Windows System Restore to put your computer back to a time when your Hibernation issue did not exist and still allow you to keep your files.

    Resolving Problems with Sleep and Hibernate Modes (Windows 7)


    I hope this helps answer your question. Have a great day!

    I work on behalf of HP.

    Source(s): HP.com
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