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How busy will the airports be this week?

How busy will the airports be this week between December 30th Monday - January 3nd Friday? what would be the best day to travel do you think?

going from Michigan to Maryland

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    I agree that all week the airport will be busy. I don't think there will be one particular day which will be less busy. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time to check-in as there will be lines at check-in and security.

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    It is quite busy. Better to wait until after the New Year's holiday is over. The 3rd is relatively better since people will be finishing their vacation and heading back on the 2nd of January.

    Source(s): Work at an airport
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    I'm guessing that they are going to be pretty busy because Christmas vacations or trips and finishing and everyone is returning home. As well as new years eve and new years day because people are trying to get back home for the holidays or are trying to fly out.

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    Stigmatizing, you have asked this before, and you were told it will be busy, try and get an early flight or a late flight.

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    very busy- thousands of people returning from Christmas trips

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