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Why was Miami (canes) ranked in the top 10 this season?

They started the season out unranked. Then after they beat Florida, they made it to the top 15 (but let's be honest, who have the Florida Gators impressed this year?). A few games later, they made it to the top 10. I kept saying at that time that this team is so badly overrated, and they should not be ranked at all. Next they lost to Florida State, like most people predicted. Then, they lost badly to Virginia Tech and Duke. This doesn't even include their "near miss" against UNC.

Now, look at how bad they played against Louisville. That game was just downright pathetic. I knew the Cards would win, but even I predicted that Miami would put up a bigger fight. Clearly, Miami is a pathetic excuse for a team.

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    Miami is one of those teams who, if they win 3 games in a row, the hype train starts running about how they're national championship contenders.

    Miami is not a bad team. They're just not a great team. They got a bad matchup with Louisville, although they made Louisville look much better than they are.

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    its college football. theres virtually no objectivity. they had 3 sec teams ranked over baylor and okst. hell, they had florida as a top 20 team and it took forever for duke to get ranked (say what you want about the shcedule, but theyre a good team).

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    Delusional voters put them in the top ten...

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