I want to model. But am I right for it?

I want to model. Really bad. All of my friends say I should, but I'm only 13. I was invited to try out for a dance modeling magazine but I was ten. I wasn't bad then but I'm better now. I'm skinnier, and more flexible (for dance photo shoots).

I have also done a dance photo-shoot

and it was a blast. I loved having my hair and makeup done. And then being able to see the final outcome. The only thing is... I'm not the skinniest. My stomach is skinny but my legs aren't. I am not fat by any means (not bragging) its just that I have a lot of muscle. Not so much muscle that its weird but I also do cheer leading, dance, and I'm an equestrian (horseback rider) and all of those need a lot of leg strength. Thanks for your help. I might post a previous headshot later if you want. :)

P.S. I look really young in this I think and sorry for the bad quality. I took a picture of the actual picture

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    7 years ago


  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    that picture is lovely, but yes your model material.

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