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My face is dry and flaky. What cream should I use?

I have been using this Neutrogina Night cream for my face every other night also I have been using regular cream on the night I don't use. During the winter I get horrible dry skin I'm also upswing dove winter care but nothing is working! :( Can you give me some creams that I should use to tips! Thank you!

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    Try the Paula's Choice RESIST Optimal Results Hydrating Cleanser for cleansing gently without stripping your skin. The toner from that line is also my favorite skin care product ever. Get a gentle exfoliator like the Paula's Choice 8% AHA Gel and use the two moisturizers from the Paula's Choice Skin Recovery line (the one with SPF 30 in the morning and the one without it at night) as well as the serum from the Skin Recovery line if you aren't sensitive to retinol. Also put Aquaphor Healing Ointment on the dry patches overnight. Get $10 off Paula's Choice with this link.

    Source(s): That is the stuff I used to get rid of my dry, flaky skin and it has worked fabulously!
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    stop using all those harsh chemicals

    use a wet washcloth in hot water (no soap, nothing)

    and exfoliate your face with it

    taking particular care to be thorough where your face is most dry

    pat dry

    if you have it, use coconut oil

    its cheap and freely available

    if not use some olive oil, just a touch

    and rub all over your face

    it will sit on the surface to start with

    but will soak in

    you now have beautiful soft nourished skin

    and it hasnt cost you much if anything

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