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How to get over heartbreak?

My friends pressured me into buying this dog,now I have to take her back and I love her now I can't even imagine taking her back to that awful place but I have to how do I get over it :'( </3

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    And why do you have to take her back?

    Dogs and kids do well together, and assuming you don't live in some high rise apartment in NYC, and have a back yard that is fenced, what is the problem? Your mom doesn't want one? Can you get a little job to buy food? Or is money so tight that your mom just can't afford one now?

    Proper food for this dog is expensive...crapo food like Purina, Beneful, Iams, Alpo are all made of filler grains and are unnatural for dogs to eat.

    Blue Buffalo Free is what our vet recommends, but it isn't cheap, because it is real food. YOU could eat it and thrive. It's at Petco and Petsmart and other speciality shops.

    Gee, hon, I hope you get to keep your dog. All I am today, is because of the pets I had as a child, and still have. Lie without a dog isn't worth much, IMHO.

    Source(s): Dogs all my life, and I paid the bills for it even at age 12. I worked for neighbors, ran errands. I even boarded horses on our property to pay for my own horse, and some left over for the dog.
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    You clearly are not heart broken since you threw the dog away. You don't have to take it back, you WANT to and you did. You threw the dog away and you are not heartbroken over it.

    If you were you'd go get the dog back and woudn't be on here looking for sympathy hugs for being a lazy person

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    Oh well it's only a dog so why should you care let's hope next time your so called friends encourage you to get a mountain lion. You don't love the dog at all you're to lazy to walk her train her to poo and wee outside poor dog didn't stand a chance with your friends and you.

    I hope it gets a real owner next time. Take it back to the awful place karma has a way of visiting us all for our misdeeds.

    Source(s): Animal crackers
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