if you go back 10 generation on your family tree who does it go back to?

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  • 7 years ago
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    The ones I've found:

    Thomas Vail (1628-1687)

    Sarah Wentworth (1630-1688)

    William Hunt

    Alice Tymes

    Nathaniel FitzRandolf (1642-1713)

    Mary Holley (1648-1703)

    Benjamin Borden (1649-1728)

    Abigail Grover (1653-1720)

    William Winter (1653-1733)

    Hannah Grover (1660-?) sister of Abigail

    John McKnitt

    Jane Wallace

    Reice Bodurtha (1645-1683)

    Blanche Lewis (?-1684)

    Thomas Remington (1635-1721)

    Mehitable Walker (1635-1718)

    Samuel Frost

    James Sweet (1630-?)

    Mary Greene (1622-1686)

    Benjamin Congdon (1650-1718)

    Elizabeth Albro (1647-1720)

    Joseph Stafford (1648-1679)

    Sarah Holden (1658-1731)

    John Gifford (1644-1707)

    Elishua Crowell (1648-?)

    Stephen Northup (1658-1733)

    Eber Sherman (1634-1744)

    Mary Wilcox (1635-?)

    Benjamin Congdon (1674-1756) son of Benjamin above

    Francis Stafford (1679-1744) daughter of Joseph above

    Yelverton Gifford (1676-1722) son of John above

    Ann Northup (1691-1772) daughter of Stephen above

    John Seeley (1661-1707)

    Rebecca Sanford

    John Peat

    Mary Moorehouse

    Theoretically there would be 1024, but as can be seen above (and in other places) my family tree does not branch so much. Clearly I have identified fewer than 10% of my ancestors in the 10th generation.

    Source(s): http://larseighner.com/webtrees/individual.php?pid... Select "interactive tree"
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    Sarah Petersen of Germant, Charles Gerberzofsky of Lithuania, and some name I can't pronounce from Israel.

  • Germans, English, Welsh, Puritans, etc.

    Source(s): life
  • 7 years ago

    I have gone back to the year 971 and found one name.

    In France we have many relatives, mainly from Rouen, France in the north.

    I found I am related to Kings Edward I, II, and III. They were pretty awful people. Their histories included homosexuality, infidelity, treachery, and murder.


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  • 7 years ago

    1024 people

    (or so)

    13 of whom have been identified

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