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Any Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese Dramas with...?

Do you know any Korean, Japanese, or Taiwanese dramas where the main character is playing the role of a singer, actress/actor, or model?

Dramas about singing/idols, acting, or modeling.

This is NOT to be confused with actors being singers/models/etc. I want the actual drama to be about those things.

Thank you^^

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    7 years ago
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    singing/acting -

    Mendol ikemen idol

    What's up


    The musical

    Full house take 2

    Oh! my lady


    You're beautiful

    Ikemen desu ne

    Dream high 1 and 2

    Star's lover

    Myung Wol the spy

    K-pop the ultimate audition

    Shut up flower boy band

    Thorn birds

    Secret garden

    A love to kill

    The greatest love

    Last scandal

    The king of dramas

    Over the rainbow

    Boku to Star no 99 Nichi

    Calling for love

    Summer's desire

    I love you so much

    Fabulous boys

    Smiling pasta


    these are more about fashion designing but modelling is of course involved -

    Heaven's wedding gown

    Tokyo Juliet

    Baby faced beauty


    I do, I do

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  • 7 years ago

    Try "You're Beautiful" it's about a girl who is disguised as a guy and taking part in a kpop band called A.N.jell. It's very funny and sweet... though u might have already seen it :D

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