I need a Job, Can I work at walmart?

I'm 19 and disabled and I need a job, even though I am disabled I am very mobile, I just can't walk but I can still move my legs and whole body, I am mobile buy my wheelchair and I can push myself, money is tight for my mom and I, I want to help now that I am old enough, there is a Walmart very close to my house and I was wondering if I could work there? I can't put the products in the bags after it has been ringed it up, I can put product on the shelves, and also how much is the salary at Walmart?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Yes you could work there I'm not sure what they would have you do. But they will most likely hire you. They will probably start you out at about $8 an hour.

  • 7 years ago

    Google your county name followed by the words:

    Jobs for the disabled

    and look for a site that looks like public health.org

    Shocked that no one has told you to do this. Shocked.

    I know one that works as a toll booth operator.

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