Matter of personality?

Everyone is different. we have:

a) blacks who love other blacks,

b) blacks who don't want other blacks

c) blacks who are into all races: blacks, natives, whites, Asians, Latinas, Russians, Arabs etc.

Each one has got his own reasons.

The same applies unto other races.

All humans are the same. It is a matter of personnality combined with political trend, religion, upbringing, financial situation,...

One of the things I love Canada for is the chance to taste all those brands either freely or by cash.

One funny thing I found is that many people are reserved in public places but once the opportunity happens in a sure place, they devour those "dontlookattmem"partners with unbridled passion. Hmmm! Thanks

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  • 7 years ago

    Yeah, and ... did you have a question?

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