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How to forbid a program from opening other programs?

I play a game called DC Universe Online

Every time I quit the game it opens up your default browser and goes to their website.

How do I forbid the game's .exe from opening chrome?


Alan F that will block that program forever, if I add chrome there I will never be able to ope chrome, I want to disallow DCGAME.EXE from opening chrome.exe

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    it will be encoded in the program and mostly difficult to find/edit

    what you could do is create a script (using autohotkey or autoit) that when you click to open dcgame.exe it also starts a script to look for an active window and kill it

    Basically it will need the name of the window and go like this

    winwait "name"

    ifwinexist "name"



    not sure my exact script will work - it's been years since I last used it

    or you could block the site in host file but the browser will still open

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