Candy Crush says I have to wait 43 years for my next life! Help?

So, I've tried finding the solution to this, but people who ask it are people that adjusted their clocks to get more lives, and none of them were this long.

At the moment, the clock says I have to wait 23,088,961 minutes for my next life, and I don't know why! I stopped playing it for a bit, but since my dad started playing it, I got back to it last night, yet when I was finished with all my lives and ready to put it down and go to sleep, it told me I had to wait an insanely long time. I thought it was just a mess up with the numbers, so I closed it and opened it again, then turned off and turned back on my ipod, yet the numbers stayed the same.

I've never changed the year on my ipod (I don't even know if I can with this one, I never got the ios update), and I don't even know if that will help with this.

I'm currently on level 61, if that helps at all. Not sure what to do now.

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago


    If you're signed into facebook, maybe you can delete the app then re-download it - once you've logged in again, your progress should still be there but you will have lives again.

    I'm not sure if this works on candy crush, but it works on jelly splash for me. I know they're pretty similar, so maybe research that to see if it works first. Or you could use it as an excuse to stop playing - I got addicted to jelly splash and had to delete it - I have so much more time now :')

  • 7 years ago

    Try going on the facebook one on the browser and seeing if its the same there. Also, if friends have sent you 5 lives or more and they appear in your notifications box (on the app), accept 5. Then, when you lose 1 life, it automatically starts counting down from 30 mins again :)

    Source(s): Experience
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