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How Do I Get My Cousin To Stop Reading Young Adult Books?

I gave my 13 year-old cousin a book for Christmas. She loves it, but the problem is that her much younger cousin reads it also. While my cousin has told her not to read it she still does as she pleases, and even though her mother doesn't want her reading she still reads it online. Her mom is honestly pretty lazy when it comes to parenting her, and the girl has no respect for other peoples belongings. My 13-year-old cousin has stopped trying, but the thing is that while the book isn't sexual it does have some sexual references because...well it's a Young Adult book.

If you're wondering about the book it's the first 2 books in the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast. I'm perfectly old enough to read it and I got the OK from the mother of a 10-year-old that if her daughter was about 13 that she would let her read. The younger cousin in question is 10.

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    Put a web site blocker on the computer and use a really obscure password she can't guess. As far as the book goes put it somewhere she can't reach or don't keep them in the house.

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    Let the girl read! It's good for her, I was reading young adult books at 10 and I wasn't scarred. Now I'm one of the top readers in my class. The sexual references will likely go over her head. It's good that a 10-year-old girl is interested in some type of reading.

  • just let her read the book! she'll learn about those things when she gets older so what's the purpose of not letting her read the book now..

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    Why is it your issue that someone else's child is reading what you think is inappropriate? Its not really any of your concern.

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