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Am I properly house training my puppy?

He is 8 weeks now, and we have had him for 2 weeks. We have a crate to help prevent accidents and to temporarily use to train him. The routine goes as follows; we take him outside on a leash every 1-2 hours during the day and evening until bedtime. Then we set an alarm to take him outside every 2 hours throughout the night. He eats in the morning after he wakes up and just about dark in the evening. He is in his pen a majority of the time since my mother has expensive rugs and does not want them to be messed on and we do not feed or water him in the crate. But it seems lately he is getting worse and not better with going in his crate. Are we missing something or is it normal for his age? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I did not get him from a legit breeder or pet store. He never has to hold pee longer than 2 hours when sleeping, if you had read my initial explanation... I do not expect him not to have accidents I am just asking for suggestions. This is my first puppy, a condescending, sarcastic reply was not what I was seeking. Next please.

Update 2:

ok, thanks everyone. I see the common response from everyone is the crate. So I have a baby gate. I will use this to block off our long hall for him and make sure I still take him outside frequently. thank you all.

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    Watch some videos on crate games

    Youtube thumbnail

    there are a few in this series that are really good. Your dog may be a little young, but you can still watch and get some good ideas from them.

    Make sure the crate is large enough for your puppy. They grow FAST at this age, and can outgrow a crate quickly if you're not paying attention.

    I would give the puppy more out of crate time, he's probably getting bored. Since he isn't potty trained, you will have to supervise him, but he'll enjoy the time out to interact with the family and burn more energy.

    You're on the right track with potty training, but 2 hours every night is a bit overkill. You could easily stretch that to 3-4 hours, then to just once a night for a while.

    When I got my puppy at 11 weeks, she slept thru the night, from day one.

    MOST puppies are potty trained by 5 months, some take longer, others pick it up much quicker. But don't get frustrated too soon, they are still babies.

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    You got him at 6 weeks old? No pet store or legit breeder releases a dog that young, by law the stores have to verify the puppy is 8 weeks old at minimum, 12 weeks is better.

    A puppy under the age of 9 months old has a small bladder, the smaller the breed the smaller the bladder, you're lucky they can hold pee longer than 3 hours when awake. I would not expect any puppy less than 6 months old to be potty trained reliably. You're really jumping the gun on this one.

    He goes in his crate because he can't hold it. He'll go better if you exercise him outdoors in a safe area, and pay particular attention to getting him out there right after a long sleep, before and after a large meal, and watch his body language other times as needed.

    He should not be in a pen the majority of the time. Section off a safe area, say the kitchen, with a pet gate, so he can move more.

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    He should only be crated when you're unable to supervise him(and it shouldn't be longer than two hour periods). Make sure you are keeping the crate a positive place for him(never use it as punishment and make sure you are not crating him for too long). I'd suggest getting a baby gate and blocking off the rooms that have the rugs. Make it so those rooms are ones the dog doesn't have access to until he is completely house-trained.

    Has he had any accidents even with what you are doing? If so, he might need to be taken out more often. At 8 weeks I usually suggest taking the pup out every 30 minutes for him to relieve himself(along with taking him out after he plays, naps and eats).

    It is suggested to take the puppy out every two hours through the night until it gets better bladder control.

    The only thing I see that might be "wrong" is you're crating him(or restricting him to a small area) for too long and too often.

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    i think part of the problem is you are trying a little too hard. you dont need to wake up every two hours to let out the dog during the night. let the dog out immediately after eating and go with it so you can praise it for going outside. watch the puppy for signals that it needs to go and try to take it outside when showing the signs. Not all dogs react well to crates and dont withold water from the puppy whilst in there, especially if it is in there for longer periods of time. It may be your puppy does not like the crate (not all do) and instead confine the puppy to a space such as a kitchen with the crate door open and puppy pads laid in case accidents happen until he is fully house trained

    Good luck

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    Someone gave/sold you a puppy of just six weeks? Unbelievable.

    Puppies need a little food, and very, very often. In this one's case 5 or 6 times a day, 1/4 cup of dry kibble mixed with water. And that dry kibble damn well ought to be Blue Buffalo Puppy. Other cheapo products like Purina, Alpo, Kirkland, Beneful, etc, are garbage anyway, and here this little thing is supposed to build muscle and tissue on crappy food, that you are feeding only twice a day?

    Uh, no.

    Get Blue Buffalo, my vet's favorite, at Petsmart or Petco. It isn't cheap, but then it is made of real food, not filler grains, that dogs were never meant to eat.

    Puppies will make mistakes until they are 10 months old, sometimes longer. We picked up our expensive rugs and they will remain picked up until ours is over a 1.5 years old. She's pretty good right now at 11 months, but we too, don't want our Persian carpets stained. Soooooo, pick up the rugs, roll them up and put them somewhere.

    Dogs finally figure out the schedule. Please do not beat the dog if he/she soils your floors or carpets. You can buy pads that have an attractant and put them inside as well as outside, so he/she knows where to go. Move the one inside every two weeks closer to the door.

    But I am utterly shocked at having a puppy so young without its mother. I volunteer with a rescue organization, and this is like having a 4 month old baby, and expecting anything at all out of it, particularly your idea of feeding it only twice a day.

    Hope you change that, please, for its sake. And since it no longer has mom's milk, get that puppy food I mentioned.

    Source(s): dogs all my life. Volunteer with a rescue outfit. Best friend a vet. This is what she would have written to you.
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    OMG your mother has expensive rugs so the little pup has to be crated why did she get a pup. I also have a nice home I would rather trample on a cage than put my dogs into one. I think that people who use them lose track of time they are meant to be used for short periods only.

    The crate is not a toilet in fact I reported one owner who took the bedding out of his crate and let his tiny Chi lay on the base all night, how I detest cruel people. My dogs are not allowed in my living room or bedrooms they have 3 other rooms to use plus two halls the grounds are extensive so I just walked them 4 times a day until they did their toilets outside, pups soon learn with treats patience and praise.

    I won't help you at all sorry other crate lovers will run here very fast to praise them, dogs got clean long before a man made crates to earn money.

    RIP JADE aged 14

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