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My hair is long and straight but too poofy? (Guy)?

Hey all, i'm a guy and 17 and i have straight, very long hair and i'm fine with this but my hair is so poofy. After i take a shower and dry my hair, it looks poofy a lot and my head looks like too big with this. How i can solve this without using hair spray, wax or hair soap? If there is no way, i still would like to know how to do so. Thanks...

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    It is very usual for hair to be big and poofy after a shower. That's because the hair doesn't have any oil to tame and weigh down the hair as the shampoo or soap has stripped and cleaned it clear of oil. You should try something like silicone oil, or olive oil. Put two drops on your fingertip and massage it on to your head. Avoid putting silicone at the roots of your hair.

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    Deep condition the hair

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    try a silk balm or deep condition it a couple times a week. it usually does that when its dry. try Aussie deep conditioner 3 min. miracle, its 3-4 dollar and if you don't see results you're not really losing much.

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    it's frizzy. U can use a leave in conditioner to take away the frizz garnier has hydra recharge and i bet that would help alot.

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