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What is the meaning of mentally retarded?

Please explain in detail. Someone called me mentally retarded I don't know why.

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    Usually when someone calls another person "Mentally retarded", they meant it in a derogatory fashion.

    Medically, the outdated term was used to label people whose IQ is below 70 and these usually got placed in institutions where they were forgotten about.

    The slang term (which this person obviously used) means: Stupid, ignorant, foolish, moron, idiot, crazy, lack of common sense, extremely simple, and dumb. Sorry!

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    1. characterized by a slowness or limitation in intellectual understanding and awareness, emotional development, academic progress, etc.


    1. people who are slow or limited in mental development (usually preceded by the): new schools for the retarded.



    1. in or with the mind or intellect; intellectually.

    2. with regard to the mind.

    People usually use the term "Mentally Retarded" as an insult to anybody. Especially people who may be different or have a disability.

    A couple years ago, I was called mentally retarded because I was wearing a pink jumper. I have also been called retarded because I'm shy and have dyslexia.

    But nowadays, most professionals don't use that term and use intellectual disability or developmentally delayed instead. Or they even use low Functioning.

    "Mentally retarded" is an incorrect term to label anybody just because they are different. That person who labelled you mentally retarded is just ignorant.

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    Technically it's not even used anymore. The word would be "Intellectual disability." It generally refers to someone who has an IQ below 70.

    Basically someone was trying to insult you. They were calling you stupid without actually calling you stupid.

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    They probably meant it as an insult. "Retarded" is not a word anyone uses as a medical diagnosis.

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    Mentally retarded is no used anymore. Disabled or enabled is used.

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