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Teaching yourself to figure skate?

I've been skating since I was 5 now I'm 13. I can skate really good, I can skate backwards, and I can do a simple spin. But I've always wanted to learn how to figure skate and my parents know that but they don't wanna put me in lessons. I don't know why. Maybe cause they can't afford it or they probably think I won't be able to do it. I go to the ice rink like once a week for public skating. is there any way I can teach myself to figure skate?

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    Question is, how's your form?

    Unless someone tapes you, you don't know what you look like while skating.

    Imo, taking Group lessons under an experienced Instructor would help immensely with your technique.

    Naturally I can't see how you skate...however, i.e. are your spins centered-or do you travel? Where are your arms going into the spin? How's your posture?

    When skating backwards, are you looking backwards? Are your feet fairly close together? When skating forwards, are your knees bent, and your arms positioned correctly?

    Yes, some have taught themselves how to skate...but maybe down the road you may want to compete in local competitions, vs just being an recreational skater (nothing wrong with being both)

    All depends on what your goal is.

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    They are likely worried about the cost of lessons. Next time you go to the rink, pick up the "group lesson" brochure and ask if you can enroll. It's usually pretty reasonable, like $15/lesson plus free practice ice time.

    You really can't teach yourself how to figure skate. The reasons are simple: you don't have the knowledge or experience; you can't see what you're doing wrong; and you wouldn't know how to correct errors.

    Group lessons are an inexpensive way to learn under the guidance of an experienced coach.

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    Honestly you can. I taught myself some things and my coach was pretty proud. You can youtube a lot of things. Just be prepared for falling and bruises and scrapes. I like to practice off ice and do some strengthening things before i try it on ice. It just seems a little safer. If there are some girls you see from the club/competitive or show team at public skate try and ask them for some help. you can also video tape yourself so you can work on posture and make sure it looks good. Good luck :)

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    No, no, no, absolutely not.

    You cannot teach yourself. All that happens when people try is they end up with terrible habits, poor technique, and they get injured.

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