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i can't get along with my boyfriend's sister?

i met her a month ago she is my age and we study in the same high school and my boyfriend study in a university... so SHE was very kind with me and i found her funny and i met her friends too we talked about ourselves and she told me a secret and she wanted me to don't tell it to her brother. I found that cool because she really trust me. My boyfriend study in onother cities far of us but he come home on vacations.. So he came on this vacation and i told him to go with me but he couldn't because his mother didn't let him because they had something to do but he lied to her and made a surprise to me and he came. he told me to not tell his family so when she asked me on facebook i lied to her then she knew that i lied to her and she talked with me in a cold way like she didn't care after that day our relationship became very bad. our corversation became like " hi how are you fine and you fine " that's all so ii feel very embaressed but i don't know what to do i really want her to understand that i didn't mean to lie to her but i was obliged. i don't want to talk about this anymore. But PLEASE HELP ME I REALLY WANNA GET CLOSER TO HER I REALLY WANNA BE HER BESTFRIEND PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO I NEED IT'S NOT EASY TO BE CLOSER WITH HER BECAUSE WE DON't have the same intrests and we don't live in the same environement

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    I sympathize with you. Maybe soon she'll mature and understand, especially if you've explained and apologized sweetly. You might point out that you've still kept her secret, so in that way you are trustworthy. She might come around. It is very nice to have good relationships with family-in-laws to be. But sometimes you may be held at arms length by someone and vice-versa. It's the way of the world. As long as you do your part to keep relationships peaceful, that really is all you can do, because relationships are two-way streets.

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