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Are the 20's the best years of your life?

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    Not in my case. My teens were the worst, my 20s were a little better, but my 30s were my best decade. My career took off, my income doubled, I met a wonderful girl and we bought a house together and did some traveling together.

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    Certainly from a physical point of view and from an opportunity point of view also. However it's a time when you think you can be anything and do anything and probably mess things up getting involved with the wrong people.

    Yup I think the 20's are the best years of your life but you have to realise it at the time.

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    Similar to the others above.

    The 20's:

    Physically very good, and yet even there were one or two minor issues which I have since found remedies and cleared up.

    Mentally I didn't understand myself or others very well, and this led to conflicts and troublesome situations.

    Emotionally, lots of self-centeredness, which led to a great deal of dissatisfaction in relationships.

    All of this changed in the 30's (except for health which stayed good) and it all continued to improve into the 40's and beyond.

    I would have to say that the best time is now, whenever it is, because it's the only time that actually exists.

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    No. My 20s were the best years for my body, but I was confused alot and poor.. 30s were great, body still great, income jumped way up, kids doing well. 40s, not so great. Lost a step or two physically, income still great. 50s, wheels are falling off. Income yo-yo, job security gone, body is getting weaker. My head is the clearest it's ever been though. I'm looking forward to my 60s. and the retirement carrot.

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    for some people they might be. i think it would be sad to ever feel that the best of a life is behind you. there is something to look forward to in every decade of life reached. the 20's just hold some of the biggest choices we as human ever face.

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    Not for most people. In my case,like other posters,physically they were the best years but not emotionally. I didn't appreciate a lot of things I had then,took too much for granted and made bad decisions. Like the old saying goes,Youth is wasted on the young.

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    Physically, yes. The 30s were a nightmare, and I'm really liking my 40s. Still adjusting, but not so reactive.

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    There are pros and cons to every age I think. Twenties have plenty of good things but so do the other decades as well. Twenties is the time to do those things that appeal to you in your twenties.

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    OMG, no way. I was still stupid when I was in my 20s, like most people that age. It takes a couple more decades to get smart.

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