Advise please! I slept with my ex!?

Advise please! I slept with my ex!!

My ex and I had a v unhealthy relationship and had been apart since aug. I had found a new lovely guy since the day after I left my ex. He is kind, smart, everything my ex isn't. I had promised my ex that I would not abandon him or ignore him (he has issues about that). So I agreed to meet w him for a Christmas drink. Then at the end of the night he invited me to his place for a cup of tea. There he grabbed me, kissed me and we slept together.

The following day he told me he met a new girl a few weeks ago and she is his 'gf'. I think that's ridiculous. Then on Xmas eve I text him 'merry Christmassy and he wrote back saying 'i can't talk I'm with my gf'. I was dying of guilt and he just didn't care. I also have feelings for him. I told my bf what happened. He is being v quiet about it. But I hope he will be ok. My ex on the other hand acts like nothing happened. Even though he told me this new girl isn't his type like me who he 'can't resist'.

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    i wonder why you thought it was ok to take on a new boyfriend the day after you and your ex broke up (unless you are fourteen years old?).

    When we end a relationship, we are still emotionally invested in that person and the relationship for a while after the break up.... and how unfair is it to start seeing someone else and act like it's a serious relationship, when we are still into our ex? It's totally unfair, selfish too. The new boyfriend isn't "OK" with you sleeping with your ex....and i can't believe he didn't break it off with you either? Maybe he's shocked or just stupid.

    You are going to remain stuck on your ex until you and he stop contact and stop the sex. Your communications are keeping the emotional attachment in tact.... and therefore, neither of you really have much to give to a new relationship, and won't until you let each other go, and get your lives back together.

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    ♦ Hun, if you are broke up, she can do what ever, when ever, with whom ever, its not even close to cheating. You some how need to figure out what happened during that break-up doesn't matter, it in the past, its over. You should really try to get past this, but if you can not, then let her go, because you and her will only be miserable because you can't let the past go. Who gives a crud what her ex thinks? No you shouldn't feel embarrassed, this happened a long time ago, while she was single (broke-up). The other people in your lives including the ex, probably "think" about you or this situation a lot LESS than you realize. It's really no big deal.

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    So, my answer is... some questions!

    - If you went for "a drink" with your ex, where was your actual BF and what was he doing?!?

    - How come that you have accepted to go for a cup of tea at... his place?!?

    - Since you've... "done it", what has "triggered" you to "confess" to your actual BF that you've cheated on him?!?

    - Who is, in your opinion, in fact, provoking "unhealthy" relationships?

    Answer the questions above, to yourself, then put some order in your life.

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    you're boyfriend is probably pissed AF if you slept with your ex while dating him!

    what the hell are you doing sleeping around while you're in a relationship?

    "you wanna go back to my place for tea" LOL what do you think was gonna happen??

  • John W
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    7 years ago

    That should be enough to see there is no reason to ever contact him again.

  • 7 years ago

    Just relax!!! But please be careful honestly xxxxx

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