How to find job as a train stewardess?

I would like to be a train stewardess for cross country train rides. What company hires for that? I've been to amtrak and union pacific, but I couldn't find any job openings for it.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Amtrak is the only company that operates passenger trains in the USA. There are no others. But really, they do not actually have stewardess positions. They have nothing like an airline stewardess.At most they have some food service workers in the dining cars.

    You want to look for a position with Amtrak as a conductor. Conductor pays better than food service on the train and they will train you for the job. As well, the freight railroads also have a lot of conductor positions. The pay with railroads like CSX for a freight conductor starts at like $43,000 a year.

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    4 years ago

    Train Stewardess Jobs

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    7 years ago

    UP is a freight company so no stewardess jobs there. Amtrak, depends on how they operate - they could have outsourced hospitality to another company. Ask an Amtrak steward how they got their job.

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