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I had a dream about the devil, what does it mean?

In my dream, I was at my grandmas house in the county (which is where all my nightmares occur, coincidence?) I was sitting out side with my couisin & grandma. There were small pebiles on the floor. Foot steps were coming towards us but no one was there. As the foot steps got closer, we relised that the foot steps were walking towards me. I started to gather rocks & kick them. My grandma asked "what are you doing?" Like they forgot about the steps. Then a van pulls up at the next house, and the devil jumps out. Everyone started screaming and running. We ran around the house a few times then went to a next house for help. The devil chased me to the house so I turned around. When I did, I seen a dead woman levitating. She was tied up in tape & had it coming out of her mouth. After that, we were being chased in a hospital. My family ran down a hall, but I went a different way. Now the devil was chasing only me. Then I woke myself up. I was too afraid to continue.

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  • 7 years ago

    The only one who can really take the devil on and win is God !

    Now as far as the van goes, that could be a warning to stay safe ?

    your dream could of been triggered by something grandma said ? or someone else ? Jesus is Lord !!!

  • 7 years ago

    Looks like the devil has a thing for u,next time he runs into one of your nightmares just tell him no means no and i would suggest that u should stop visiting your grandma for all we know she could be the devil,no on second thought shes propably not him it would be weird and "no means no" would have a whole new meaning if u know what i mean

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