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Should the Ravens ask Flacco take a pay cut?

He knows he needs help and they need cap space to do it.

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    Flacco should agree to take less money from the Ravens with the understanding that the league and Ray Lewis will make up the difference. After all, it was Ray Lewis who announced his retirement early and it was the league who gifted him a SB. And since it was the fixed SB victory that made it possible for Flacco to leverage his huge new contract the league & Lewis are responsible. Let them pay.

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    Flacco is self centered and would never give up a dime to help the team. There is a reason this was Ray Lewis' team and not flacco's. He is not a leader. They should have kept boldin, and traded rice for the space. Bernard pierce and bobby Rainey would have done just fine, especially when you're trying to create a "passing team"

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    Actually, it depends on his work ethic during every offseason. If Joe Flacco works hard and performs very well in practice every day, he will greatly improve his chances of becoming an elite NFL quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens in the future.

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    If the Ravens need help then they should have thought about it before they offered him the new contact.. It's not Flacco's fault...

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  • 7 years ago

    They could, but as someone else mentioned he won't accept one. And really Flacco's cap hit this year and the next two years isn't that high relatively speaking so it wouldn't make much sense. Guys like Ngata, Rice, and Suggs are players who would make more sense to restructure their contracts.

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    Yes, he's good but no Manning or Brady... or Breeze

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