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what should i serve at me newyears party?

I'm having a party at my house for New Years and I have no idea what to make. I'm thinking about 3 dinner snacks and 3 deserts. Help me.

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    dinner -

    you could do mini sausages, with a honey and wholegrain mustard (you can find recipes online)

    then as a vegetarian option you could do either salmon on mini pancakes with cream cheese or mini pizzas only with tomato and chess on them, and then you could have other topping on the side of the platter so people could personalise their pizzas. prawn tempura. vegetable tempura. then a plater complete with humous, tomatoes, bread, olives.

    pesto tomato and mozzarella balls.

    asparagus rapped in pama ham or bacon.

    dessert -

    mini chocolate mousses.

    brandy snaps filed with cream.

    mini trifles.

    ice cream, either alcoholic or non i would recommend baileys ice cream or fig if you're feeling spontaneous. (your choice)

    Source(s): me and my coolest friend everrrrr and the mother
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    A platter of assorted cheeses and crackers. A veggie platter and a couple dips. Desserts....minisize pecan pies and cheesecakes. Cookies. Brownies. Fresh fruits and dips.

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    Chicken wings, 7 layer dip or a bean dip w/ chips, spinach dip & bread, deviled eggs,eggrolls,veggie tray

    Cake pops, cupcakes, apple pie. Fruit tray, Jell-O shots

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    peas cornbread

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