How can I replace my car stereo?

Hi ok so I have a Toyota corolla le 2009 and it has it's stock radio, first question

Everytime I raise the volume to max the bass starts to fart so is it worn out?

Second question

My parents don't support me with my accesories I want to put on my car so they won't help me out.. I'm trying to find maybe some CHEAP 12 inch subwoofers and does that mean I have to replace my whole system? I don't know much so I would like all the help I can get! I don't want to buy anything from best buy or anything I want to buy everything


Have it installed

Somewhere else.. Any ideas what exactly to buy for my car?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Not all powered sound systems need charging system upgrade's. Try (E bay in the car audio section) they have New,used and old school equipment for sale or bid.I have built 2 great sounding system's for both of my ride's using used Equipment. Also check out Youtube in the car audio section,they have any car audio install you may need to see on video.Also on Youtube check out (Old School D Wiz) take a look at the old school Rockford Fosgate Equipment. Much of the Equipment you see Big D Wiz testing is still for sale on E bay.

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    7 years ago

    Subwoofers require extensive electrical system . Therefore that means $$$$. Suggest : to inspect your speakers. Seems they are probably no longer serviceable. Remain with O.E.M. replacement parts. are good source for o.e.m. parts.

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