Best guitar amp under $100?

I've only got $100 to spend on an amp for a new guitar I got--I'm only just learning. I have an okay amp already, but it doesn't have the middle, reverb, or presence knobs(I want better distortion). I plan on learning a lot of Three Days Grace, Green Day, Shinedown, etc. and need an amp with fair enough distortion. Doesn't need to be high-wattage because I won't be playing loud; parents are mad if I bring it past 3 volume. What's the best amp I can get? links are immensely helpful, thanks!


EDIT: I'd prefer if it had the Bass, Mid, Trebble, Reverb, and Presence knobs. Though Presence is not required, I would prefer to have it.

1 Answer

  • OU812
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    I doubt that any in that price range will have a presence setting. Even most expensive amps don't have that. It is more of a Marshall thing. None of the things you mentioned, middle, reverb or presence have anything to do with having a better distortion tone. The Fender Mustang I is $119 and I think it sounds great.

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