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What are the criteria that a question must meet on yahoo to make it important or valuable enough to answer?

Now that we all know what the nature of a question is, it is important to know which questions will be answered and which will be ignored. That means, that there must be certain criteria that people on yahoo use to make that decision. I want to know what those criteria are. Thanks for your help in this regard!

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    Is it interesting?

    Can I help?

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    I ask questions based on my vivid imagination and the fact that I am an avid reader. I get a lot of great answers on my questions because I tend to think outside the box whereas a lot of people ask questions that seam more simple minded (not being insulting here) but their questions don't give room for much thought. So, my guess is the criteria to making a question valuable to answer is how deep can we allow our thoughts go in order to answer a question. I'm being upfront and honest. I'm not about to sugar coat anything.

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    We see a lot of things that I instantly dismiss. "What is the meaning of life" questions, for instance. Sometimes I will gently point out that this gets asked about 5 times a day, every day, and maybe the person should look at the "best answers" section....

    Also obvious rants or loony viewpoints are best ignored...

    Otherwise, if it's something I either know about or have an opinion on, I'll chime in.

    I don't think in terms of "importance".

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    If I can relate to the question, if the question interests me, if I think I can be of any help, I answer.

    Otherwise, I move on to the next.

    Oft'times I will start to answer and when I read the responses that are already posted, I realize I cannot add to them in any constructive way, so I move on.

    As I don't really consider myself to be a true expert at anything, I can only guess. Educated guesses sometimes, life experiences usually, true. Hence my pen name...

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    "What are the criteria that a question must meet on yahoo to make it important or valuable enough to answer?"

    when it's addressed to the right audience.

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    When I look on this site for questions that I can answer, I just look for recent questions that I know the answer to. I might also search for things that I know about to find questions.

    It's hard to know if your question will be answered. If you question is very specialized, though, there's probably a forum somewhere else on the internet that would be better to ask your question in!

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    see this webpage for yahoo q&a community guidelines community guidelines

    even following the guideline is no guarantee you question will be answered, and is also no guarantee it won't be deleted. lots of good questions and/or answers are deleted just because someone doesn't like the topic or a word you used, or just because they have a wild hair up their ****

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