For two months he has working as a undercover cop and lied?

For two months he has working as a undercover cop and lied? I'm so pissed to know since he drinks and smoked a lot something which turns me off. I love him but am turned off. We were living together until we got in a fight and he left. I was mad since he was always out at night.don't know lse he can lie about. Ever since he got this job he changed. Idk if he met another women at his job or what.ibfeel like I am a good gf but he is so full of himself now and cocky. We used to live together and now don't. How can he be hired as a cop when he goes clubbing drinks and smokes? Wtf. I don't trust him and am pissed now. I'm in a different country and did citizenship and he changed so much.

I made him show the gun and cuffs for proof.

Advice? I'm kinda shocked.

When I had a job he was nicer now that I don't I feel he is looking down on me. This citizenship thing is stressful and is sit if paperwork.

I am going to get a job soon but I'm traumatized? Wtf

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He said for two months? I saw the gun snd cuffs and some undercover office shady as hell

2 minutes ago

I saw the gun and cuffs! I think he is but wtf is going on?!


Ya I dot give a **** anymore I dumped him and told him not to bother me. I don't he is a police man and if he is is a a piece of **** lying guy. He said he would come over and never did. He was lying or cheating and he can go f himself

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    he sounds like a scetchy dude.... i would stay away from him....

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