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How do I do this and achieve successfully?

I want to be an audiologist when I grow up. I'm just 16 and a junior but in just 2 years I want to go to college at this school I really like. I really want to work in Dallas. How can I work there when I live in AR. I don't know anything about it. So like if I graduate college what do I do?

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    by the end of college you will know what to do. but basically bust your butt in college and get really good grades to ensure that you have more to offer than others who apply for a job. also, during the summer breaks from college you should try and intern at an Audiologist office…you may not get paid for your internship but the experience will make you a prime candidate for any job you apply for in dallas. After you graduate just apply to a whole bunch of places in dallas. Dont go thru the job ads in the paper or use any of those online job search sites they are all garbage. what you do is look up every single company that does work in the field you are seeking employment. call up the company and ask to speak to HR(human resources…they do the hiring typically) or ask for the fax number or email address to HR…then you send them your resume. If you get good grades and do internships you should have no problem getting a job.

    But like Dianne said, you will most likely change your major in college a few times…perhaps not but most people do.

    Good luck

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    You might try and set out discovering good opportunities. In your life of now and for future, you might try and more be adopting the style of the daring experimenter so that your more diligent devoted experimenting may evoke newer experience (good, or bad and needing corrections, more appropriate changes) that may be leading you on towards more expertise so that eventually you may become the cleverer expert and or even the admired great glowing master or the holy saint on the path or avenue of your own life.

    In the great field of tension with your wish to achieve more success in your life, from a level of better nurtured own good material and spiritual energy, and so also through your own more growing perspicacity, you may soon be achieving a superb awareness of more sagacity and of the glowing more sun-kissed treasures and of the real powers and beauty of your own life.

    In all the good things that you are doing or dreaming to do or are supposed to do (must do) for hopefully your own and better survival, also especially in your necessary interactions with others friends and or good strangers in your world, you might try and more resolutely be thinking that you do want to be the good actor, then you are the good actor, the braver manager of your own life, the fiercer hardy more daring higher flying pilot and co-pilot unto your own future, unto your own destiny!

    So also you might try and be thinking and doing so your dream of success may become real, so your uncertainties soon will evaporate away into the fresher more sun-kisser air of creative confidence and of happiness, of the proud life of good presence and of belonging.

    Do also all the while be more open for chances of great merry thoughtless laughs in good company, when good loving company is there and available for you, or more often most sublimely all on your own! Good luck!

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    Graduate college first. You'll probably change your goals 100 times before then.

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