My boyfriend is making things awkward?

Im a 14 year old girl, freshman and he's 15, freshman. His whole manner just makes me feel auko taco. Like, its not pressure to have sex but he touches me almost constantly when I'm around him, and he always wants to make out.Obviously its ok sometimes but it gets really annoying like at at school he stops me in the halls to make out at passing period and he's made me late 4 times which lowers my citizen ship grade a lot. And during lunch his arm will always have to be around me. I barlely get to talk to my friends anymore. Its winter break and I'm actually kind of relieved I don't have to constantly be around him. He gets mad sometimes randomly and I'm kinda scared to be alone with him anyway, thank god I'm out of town tight now haha.

i just want to know how to confront him about this, if i even do its probably stupid idk.


I don't want to break up with him he's really nice, i just want him to back off a bit.

and yeah whoops wrong category

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    7 years ago
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    "auko taco"? Euhgg. Kids these days.

    If he tries to make out with you in the halls, Tell him no. If he gets angry about it, distance yourself. He should get the message awful quick.

    A good guy will learn to adapt with your needs. A bad guy will break up with you. Let this be a test to see if he's a good guy or not.

  • 7 years ago

    This is why 14 year olds shouldn't even be thinking about boyfriends. He is an abuse waiting to happen and you need to kick him to the curb NOW. Where is your mother that she's not telling you this and giving you guidance? The fact that he keeps touching you and pressuring you to be late for class by making out s unacceptable. Where n the world are all the adults? This should not be allowed to happen in Jr high and High schools teachers should be in the halls keeping an eye on the students to prevent this.

    That this boy doesn't leave you alone and let you enjoy your friends is the biggest red flag, and so is the constant hanging all over you. GET RID OF HIM. or be sorry. Get an adult to help you. WHERE ARE THEY?

  • 7 years ago

    talk less to him durin lunch and more to your friends. you could just tell him the truth that it makes you uncomfortable and ALSO why did you ask this in the LGBT section?

    I'm gonna add to my answer now: lol it's K u forgot about the category. I think maybe if you asked him nicely, let's say his name is Michael, "Michael, I know you really like being close to me All the time but I need to Spend time with my friends too, could you back off a little? We don't have to spend every Minute together to be a couple"

  • 7 years ago

    Just tell him he needs back off a little. If you're looking to end the relationship then you should end it now! If not, be honest and tell him you need a little space or that you feel uncomfortable making out all the time. If he cares he will understand.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Your only 14 once. If your life is being affected in a negative way by him, then definitly do sumthin about it. If he is overbearing or clingy, just tell him. He is probably afraid your going to leave him, like everyone else in highschool.lmao

    Source(s): Im in hs
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