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What does "kooks only" mean?

On the boardwalk at the beach someone had carved into the wood "kooks only". I know that a kook is an inexperienced surfer who is just talk (basically), but is the phrase "kooks only" insulting? Is it saying that there are only kooks surfing the waves at this beach?

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    Yes it is very insulting. It's probably a good place for beginner surfers to learn, many so called (by themselves) ''advanced'' surfers call beginners kooks because some drop in accidentally (taking off on a wave when someone else is already riding it). A beginner dropping in should never be called a kook because all surfers will have done it accidentally when they are learning no matter how good they claim to be now. I dropped in on a guy accidentally and I had no idea at the time what I had just done, but the guy was friendly, he realised I was a beginner and gave me a quick lecture about why you shouldn't drop in :P This sign on the beach is just a sign probably put up by an actual kook to make other so called 'better' surfers look better than the beginners when they really are wannabes anyway. I would define a kook as: a wannabe surfer who tells his friends (who are probably also actual kooks) that he landed a rodeo flip (google it) and got barreled on the same wave, or someone who drops in on people and insults/mocks them, or someone who sits on the beach laughing when someone wipes out but is no better themselves in the surf. It can have many other meanings but NEVER EVER call a beginner surfer who is actually trying to learn and progress a kook, In fact never even call someone who dropped in on you a kook because it could have been accidental. It really isn't nice and you'll gain a bad reputation among your local line-up. I never call anybody a kook.

    Source(s): 6 years surfing experience in Ireland
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