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How to break uo with someone and what is the result of it?

I have a question first, if you're thinking about or at least the thought of breaking up with someone, do you still want to be in the relationship?

I don't think I'm ready for a relationship just yet and I guess me and this guy sorta rushed into things too quick. We've been dating for a month and he's a real sweetheart and all but my feelings are ehhh...this might sound like an excuse but I'm only a freshman and I sort of want to focus on my work and dance :\ I don't know if Im confuse or I just don't want to be in the relationship. I don't feel nervous or butterflies around him either :( I sort of only want us to be friends.....

so is it a good thing to break it off with him? And how so that I don't hurt him.

btw he ask me to go ice skating with him tomorrow and a movie on the third with his friends too.... PLEASE HELP, thank you :))

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    If your not happy then theres no point wasting anymore time by being in this relationship. Although, sometimes, just because you think you want to break up, doesn't really mean you want to. Maybe your just not thinking straight at the moment. You should give yourself another couple of days to see if how you feel changes or not. After a couple of days, & if you still want to break up, then do it face to face. Dont do it over the laptop or phone. He deserves to hear it in person. Tell him your reasons, and thats simply your not ready for the whole relationship thing.

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