How Hard is to draw Comics , Professional Level?

Im 19,started drawing 2 month 2 hours a day.Taking alot of Online Classes, to draw top quality comics some day, How Hard is it to draw comics like walking dead, one piece, And even Naruto, Is it hard, to master it, like 7 years training, or 4 years, if your practicing everyday? i want to make good drawing, when i reach 21, and just put all my story into one, cause i watch over 200 Japanese anime, and want to put something good in United States.

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    I'm not going to lie to you; it can be EXTREMELY hard. Comics like The Walking Dead, Naruto, and Once Piece are made by comic book artists who've done it before, and comics like that take YEARS to develop. You certainly don't become an acclaimed comic artist overnight; you have to work for it. You need to have lots of ideas (not all at once, but you need to be ABLE to), you need to be able to express those ideas in the form of graphic novels, and you need to do it well enough that people, including people who manage comic book publishing companies, would enjoy it. And even once you get the job, the effort doesn't by any means end there. At that point, your'e drawing and making comics not just for you, but for a company, a business, someone who will both profit and allow you to profit from publishing your stories, but you are responsible for making stories that people would want to read. And that can be hard. All of the artists responsible for the comics you listed didn't just make those comics and automatically get famous. They had to try over and over and over again until they made something that worked both for them and for their readers. There's never a 100% chance that your comic will make the cut. There's almost always a deadline to fulfill. The longer you do it for, the harder it gets, because more work and better quality of work is expected from you over time. It's can be one of the most restless, cutthroat, unforgiving jobs to have. Comic book artists have run themselves ragged trying to do what they love. Osamu Tezuka, the man who is credited with creating manga, and by extension anime, worked almost right up until he died, and his last words were, "Please, God, let me work!" In a sense, it's possible for this business to kill you if you fall short.

    ...HOWEVER, it's not by any means all bad. If you believe that you really do want to do it, and you think that you can put the effort into, that you can put up with the hell that if can bring you, and that you can create something that satisfies both you and other people, then you CAN do it. You CAN make it in the business. If you can put enough work into it, you WILL get benefit out of it. Thousands and thousands of people could potentially read your comics, like them, know that you were the one that made them, and praise you for it. You will try hard, you will fail, you will be expected to try again, and if you have the heart for it, you WILL try again. And eventually, you'll get it right. And if & when you get if right, you have all the potential to be like those who made those comics that you listed, even greater. Whenever you create something new, you have all the creative potential in the world for that instance. Even people like Tezuka started somewhere, and this would be where you start. So, all I can say is, grit your teeth, put in the practice, look for the opportunity, and get to work.

    Oh, and always try to have fun! That's what's most important. If you're not having fun with it then no other part of the job will do as well. So always ALWAYS look for fun in it. I wish you the best of luck out there.

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