Insurance estimate on Integra, Mustang?

Hey. So I am getting my first car in a couple months, and my dad said I could choose which car, but keep it in a low price range. I've always liked Integras, since I was little, and I always wanted it to be my first car, so thats in consideration. And my dad said get a mustang. I would like to know how much insurance is on each?

The cars would be-

Acura Integra 1996-2001 (LS, RS, SE, GS)

Under my dads name (age 50) I would be secondary driver

Silver or black or white

Roughly 150k miles

Maybe 25 miles a day

Would buy used around 2000$ - 4000$

Im aware its a luxury car, thus insurance being a tad more expensive

How much would you think insurance would be? We have Progressive but I just want a estimate - Maybe like the average of how much people with integras pay for insurance.

Mustang 2004

Under my dads name (age 50) I would be secondary driver

Black or silver

Maybe 100k miles

25 miles/ day

Used around 4000$ - 5000$

Not luxury, but its a sports car, Im guessing insurance is more expensive for it

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  • Fox
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    7 years ago
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    with you being a teenager AND a greenhorn driver the mustang will cost a fortune regardless of how much you drive it and who's policy it's on.

    But if you want actual numbers as far as what it's going to cost you then you need to ask an actual insurance agent

  • 7 years ago

    You're beating around the bush asking this here. You have to ask an insurance agent dirently. No rough estimates or guesses here.

  • 7 years ago

    Call progressive and ask. They can tell you exactly how much it will cost.

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