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Giving my puppy a bath?

So I know your supposed to wait to give your puppy a bath when there 8-12 weeks and my puppy is 6 weeks I really need to give him a bath because he decided to role in the dirt and got poop all over his own butt which I got out but his fur is stained green but I want to make sure it is ok thanks,

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    Just give him a mini bath on his butt. Brush out his coat. Wait to give him a real bath until he is old enough.

    Never ever wash your puppy with Dawn. It is only used on animals who have been in an industrial oil spill. They have tagged all of the animals that they have washed and released and they are finding out that those animals have a life span of 3 months or so.

    It is very harsh. It does a number on my hands when I wash the dishes. I can't imagine how it would affect a dogs skin. One lady wrote on here that her daughter had washed their puppy with Dawn and now the dogs eyes are a cloudy white color.

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    cool! puppies are great. hah. Okay, once a week would be best, but if you can't do that then i'd say definitely twice a month. You probably want to start bathing (since he's a puppy) with the water level about half way up his legs. Get a cup or something and pour the water all over his back, legs, tail, ears, etc... You know... Then use the doggie shampoo and rub it into his fur. When you come to the neck, get his ears and under his jaw but other than that don't do the face. He wouldn't like that and being a starter you will PROBABLY get some in his eyes if you go any further. After some experience it'll get easier around the face. anyway, after you rub him down good with the shampoo, get the cup and start pouring water over him again. Rub out all the shampoo...then after that, set a towel down onto the floor (lay it out flat) and set the puppy on top of it. Then gather up the corners and rub him off, dry him as best as you can. We have a shitzu and she has reached a point that she's so use to it, she'll let our dad actually blowdry her! hahaha. Hope i helped! Having a puppy is going to be hard for a while (potty training, chewed furniture, etc...) but will become VERY fun. -Tanner hope i helped! :D

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    Yes it is, just be sure the area is warm , towel dry well, then use a hairdryer on very low to get him dry. Be sure there are no drafts until he is completely dry. (My bf bathes 6 week old pom puppies because they roll in poop, no harm comes to them and she makes sure they are completely dry.)

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    You can give a puppy a bath, just not with most medicated or pesticide shampoos.

    Use dish soap that you have diluted in warm water (don't put it straight on his skin). Rinse well, because he will lick when he's done. Try to keep him from drinking the bathwater and keep soap out of his eyes.

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    You can use dawn dish soap or baby shampoo that's what my vet told me to use when my dag was that little and it worked.

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