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What is America so fat?!?

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    We are stressed and overworked. Food is comforting and a sign of love so when a baby cries many will give them food when being held might have been what they want. The baby sees then food as comfort. Mothers these days tend to be very tired they sometimes have babies without having a husband who can support them, so try to work, raise children and sleep so exasted most of the time. Even people without children might work 70 hours a week and have a commute so come home starved.

    The cheapest easiest thing it is to grab something like crackers or make some pasta or a sandwich. So eating hundreds of calories but not feeling like you had dinner so you still want dinner.

    We do less physical labor then earlier generations and children play less physically.

    50 years ago children were sent outside to play. We climbed trees, built forts and go carts and played games with our friends in the yards. We also walked for miles for example the grocery store was a mile away so mom and the kids walked to the store and carried home groceries. The library was by the store so we would walk to the library to get books maybe twice a week. Two miles the other way was a small lake so us kids would walk there to go fishing. They didn't mind that we were gone all day without parents. Even our schools were over a mile away and we walked both ways every day.

    Parents now drop off children at schools or take them to daycare near school. They have no routine walking in their day. They only play when supervised like play dates or team sports which adds more to the parents day so they might just grab something quick to feed them. Fast food is popular now and many families eat out several times a week so get too many calories and fat as well as going to other restaurants every week sometimes more.

    When I grew up we ate out about 10 times in my childhood before age 15. Mom was a housewife so cooked dinner every night at exactly 5PM when dad got home. We ate hardy food but not a lot of sauces and no before dinner snacks

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    The country (you're talking about the poilictical entity, since I'm SURE you could be more precise if you wanted to be) is "fat" because it has coasts on the Atlantic and Pacific, as does Canada. Don't you know basic geography?

    If you somehow DON'T know how to be precise in your words and are referring to the people who live there, because people often eat like they were doing manual labour, but have a sedentary lifestyle. You see this more or less in all countries that have moved over to a "service-based" economy.

    Since you're writing from the US, why don't you ask people you meet, or is face-to-face contact not what you're into? I can't imagine why.

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  • Fast food culture, lack of exercise, the fat acceptance movement... all rolls into one (big ball of lard).

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    Because teenagers and young adults are lazy and think the world owes them something

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    Mexico is the fattest country on earth. Feel free to look that up.

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