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I think the factory alarm has my tundra shut down. How can I reset it?

I replaced the battery on my 2010 tundra. now it won't do anything. I think the factory alarm has it shut down. How do I reset it. ?

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    No, you blew a fuse somewhere.

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    Make sure the drivers front(left front) door is closed and you have your car keys. Insert your door key into the drivers door and turn it to the locked position two times. Then turn the key to the unlock position twice. The alarm should be disarmed, now.

    SECOND TECHNIQUE: If not then take the ignition key and turn the ignition switch all the way ON then OFF then ON a second time and OFF again. These are the procedures for nearly all factory alarm systems. If neither of these works you probably have an after market(add-on) alarm system.

    Warnings This technique is only for use on your own car that you own and have keys for. If you don't have the keys- disconnect the negative battery cable to stop the horn until you get your keys. Then reconnect the negative terminal and proceed to step one.

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