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Help with my internet?

When my family and I came back from traveling on Christmas day and we all w on to your computers and stuff our internet was going really slow compared to usual, I turned off the router, I've restarted all the computers called our provider in which they said "We cannot connect to your radio, ill have my tier two guy who only comes in at night take a look and well call you in the morning", never called back. Its running a little bit faster, but when I play games and such my ping is fluctuating from 80-250 which is okay I guess, I can still play because it stays at about 100-120 most the time, but then sometimes its 325-600. There's real no telling what it'll be when I get on

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    Just about the only thing you can do is power cycle the modem and router.

    Unplug the router and modem. Wait about 30 seconds and then plug the modem in first and then the router.

    Simply turning the router off is to going to do it as it only broadcasts the signal wirelessly. The modem is what is responsible for bringing that signal into your house.

    Give that a shot. If that doesn't work you will have to wait for support from your ISP. You can try calling them back.

    Additionally you can try to separate the modem and router if they are in close proximity to each other. Keeping them apart from each other and any other electronic devices will eliminate the "noise" that they encounter.

    Source(s): Ex internet tech for ISP.
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