He said i dont act like i love him?

he call me wierd name after saying that he had a dream with me ?

he said i was wierd stupid but that what he love about me ??

he also said like i dont care about him

when i do something for him he dont care

like i post I love u on fb i know is stupid but he will ingore and when i put picture he dont care

also when he was sick i was with him even when im sick

he always touching his dick

and he said he love me and miss me ? so i dont know what to do

?? help

im jealosue also cuz he talk to other girls and show me picture of them for some reson oh they where his ex

also when im talking to him and he hear i type or in my phone he get mad and tell me to stop writting>??

i love him

but when he said like i was been cold and that i told him to brake up

he call me wierd and i told him to brake up with me

Additional Details

but then he ask me out again

so i dont get this?

what do he want me to do to bother him more


he also tell me that i have to find out ??

what he wants// like his ex use to write him in his wall and he answer her but not me ??? so yea

3 Answers

  • 7 years ago

    keep it up what you doing. I am 56 years old and im telling you its a male game. please, remember the time when he wanted you, what he was doing to get you now its his condissions,becouse he got you I thing you not married yet, can you imagine the terror after you got married if he is thretenning you now, my advice talk to him, if he want listen live him.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Nope, forget him.

  • 7 years ago

    he dont care

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