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My vagina is really itchy. I don't know why?

I last had sex with my boyfriend on the 22nd. We used a condom, and unfortunately, it broke, and we are sure a tiny bit got inside of me as he pulled out seconds before he came. I don't know if the condoms are considered new, I doubt it, but we got them in, I believe, September? He wasn't even going hard or anything, and it just tore as he was entering so I assume they're old? They're the ultra thin ones(which we probably won't use anymore).

But anyways, the day after we had sex... the area near the hole has been super itchy and it's so annoying. I always wash it with warm water, never soap and never get soap near it. I also peed several times after sex. I took a shower several hours later after he went back home(we live 1.5 hours apart).

I've never had this problem before. I am almost never super wet, even with lots of foreplay, I just don't get very wet. So maybe it was too dry? I don't know, but here and there I get a lot more discharge then normal and now it just feels dry and I don't roughly wipe my vagina but I think it's getting sort of raw, I checked it(tmi but have to include details just incase it matters) down there and it looks normal sort of, just a lil red.

My boyfriend who I've been with for almost 4 years, is my first for everything, and I know he doesn't have any STD's or anything. So I'm just not sure. My friend said sometimes an itchy vagina can be an early sign of pregnancy due to extra discharge or something like that, but she said it's too early to say and I know its too early also. Any idea? Is there anything I can get to make it stop itching? It gets annoying while I'm at work and can't do anything about it... lol >_< Sorry if any of this is TMI but I'm kinda worried ._.

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    7 years ago

    It could be a yeast infection. Symptoms are ichy vagina and white clumpy discharge or it could be just a plain old bacterial infection. Did you two wash your hands before? it sounds kind of stupid but the bacteria on your hand sometimes will find its way into place you don't want it.

    Regardless you should see a doctor.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    This seems it could be a yeast infection or bacterial vaginitis. If you&#x27;re 100% he doesn&#x27;t have any STD&#x27;s, then you shouldn&#x27;t worry, it&#x27;s probably either yeast or BV.

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