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I'm selling my puppy on Craigslist, does this reply seem fake?


Thanks and Kindly reserve the  female puppy for our daughter(Sara)

as the birthday present for an extra $100 and be rest assured the pup

will be moving into a good christian pet loving family where she will

be somuch Appreciated and spoiled Rotten with wide varieties of toys

to play with.

As Regards the shipping,Myself and my Family just relocated to

California, where i was posted for my new job and our other goods are

still yet to arrive even as Arrangements are in place with a Reputable

Shipping Company to get them over as soon as possible,so you'll need

not worry about shipping the pup,My Private Shipping Company's

Representatives will just be getting by this week en route 13153 Kuen

Place Sherman Oaks, CA 91401 to arrange the sales documentation and

the pick up from your end for onward transfer to our home

here in CA.

You'll be receiving Payment as Check from my bank,which will cover the

money for the puppy as well as the Shipping to its final

destination so please, as soon

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    Seems fake as heck!

    I question for you though... is your dog spayed? If not, they may be a puppy mill wanting to breed her.

    Here's a few problems.

    1. They are telling you to reserve the puppy, which is inconsiderate and demanding. An interested buyer should take it with a grain of salt they might not get the puppy, because you already may not approve of the person and you have a more serious inquiry from someone else. So they are already telling you to reserve it for them, basically calling DIBS on the puppy without your approval. They even made shipping arrangements without your approval whether or not they may have the puppy in the first place. These people seem very demanding, red flag...

    2. Was including their "daughter's" name necessary at all? Wouldn't saying "my daughter" be enough? Also, they stated it was for her birthday, probably a tactic used to make you feel like she is more deserving for the puppy.

    2. continued- A puppy is NOT a gift. No reputable breeder or owner will give their puppies as gifts, as they are often "re-gifted" and dumped at a shelter. Puppies aren't a last minute decision. They take careful planning, and should be considered on an typical, ordinary day, *not* brought up because of a birthday. Therefore, they are looking for someone naive that will easily give up their puppy. Many would never rehome a dog because of a child's birthday, so they are looking for someone that does not demand a through screen of the buyer. Think about it. Most birthday gifts are tossed when they are boring, or returned because it's not what they wanted. At least 70-85 percent of puppies for gifts are often dumped at the shelter or no longer in that home.

    3. "be rest assured" seems pretty weird. I never said anything sketchy like that to my breeder. Instead of telling her to be confident, I told her my *goals and plans* on what I would like to do with my puppy to prove I have plans in place to keep my pup happy and healthy. This person does NOT mention why they want your puppy in particular, or WHAT they plan on doing with the dog (example, agility, obedience, therapy work, etc). Even if they did not want to compete with the dog, they should have at least told you how many times she will be played with a day, walked, fed, how long she will be home alone, all that jazz. But they did not want to tell you that they are secretly running a puppy mill, and wanted to use her in it.

    3. continued- Very cheesy message... again they should have included what exactly they wanted her for, and what they will be doing with her. Even if they mention to take her to the park, and run with her everyday etc is much more assuring than "Appreciated and spoiled Rotten".

    4. "Shipping". It seems like this person is telling you what to do again. The "shipping plans" seem very awkward and unprofessional. "a Reputable Shipping Company" is an awkward term. Now he has a "Private Shipping Company" and "Representatives".

    "en route 13153 Kuen Place Sherman Oaks, CA 91401 to arrange the sales documentation and

    the pick up from your end for onward transfer to our home here in CA.".

    I'm sorry, but what?? That seems very robotic, not to mention it looks like it has been copied and pasted before. Many serious out of state buyers wouldn't even go that far into detail about shipping. and WHY does he need YOUR puppy hours away? Many times it's the OWNER'S responsibility to arrange shipping. He can get the same puppy10 minutes from his "new house". Basically, he's unwilling to make the drive and meet you, and targeting very far range puppies that have to be shipped... that is to avoid face to face contact, an interview, and a possible home check. This guy has something to hide.

    He's dictating what's going on here. "You'll be receiving Payment as Check" is not a proper response. The owner must PROVIDE options and tell the buyer what you will and will not take for payment. You set the rules, not him. You tell him what is expected, not him. This guy automatically think's he's getting your puppy, better yet without your consent and HE has mapped out a whole plan.


  • dusty
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    4 years ago

    Craigslist Alaska Pets

  • 7 years ago

    This is for anyone who uses Craigslist....There are so many scams!!! To make a long story short I contacted a person through Craigslist who wanted a housekeeper I was told that he was moving here to Las Vegas with his pregnant wife and daughter and he needed me to set up his home...he said he would pay me 350.00$. a week upfront. This is where I started to question him. I got a text saying check was on it's way. I got more than 10 text messages the day the check was to arrive. When it arrived it was for over 2000.00$ I ws told to not cash it but deposit it into my bank account.The check happend to be US Bank check...lucky for me I bank with US Bank. I didn't deposit the check I ask the bank to make sure it was a good check. They told me it was a forged check...I played this game another few days more days with this guy and he even sent another check from a different bank. That was also forged.

    This is a big check scam on Craigslist...theses people use all kinds of reasons. They send you a check for more then you agreed upon then they will ask for some of it back if not all of the money back. Leaving you with a debt to pay back to the bank.

    Theses scams are ALL over craigslist they include merchandise, promises of a job, I never heard of a promise to buy a puppy...they may have shrunk to a new low. So please be carefull.

    Sorry if this is a bit off the topic of pets I just wish that no one get scammed by theses low life people.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I commented because I wanted to hate on sisy for a second. whoever that is, they need to stop commenting on peoples questions. Some of the things they say are ridiculous, judgmental and do not apply. Craigslist is a good place to place your dog listing because at least you know the people he/she will go to.. unlike shelters who may euthanize the poor pup after a period of exhausting kenneling and loud noises. I would be cautious as well. That email sounds soo sketchy. I recommend posting pictures on craigslist so you get legitimate replies (some people wont even look at the listing unless there is a photo). It sounds like the email was put through a translating service online.

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    Sherman Craigslist

  • 7 years ago

    I'm sorry you are having to part with your puppy! Craigslist is getting worse and worse with scammers and other types of criminal activities. The best place to sell a puppy online is through petfinder they have a section for advertising for pet owners. It is YOUR puppy and it is YOUR right for all terms of the sale to be YOURS ie method of payment.. I would advise against selling the puppy to someone who is not local enough for you to do a home visit where you actually go to the home without the puppy first to see where the puppy would live, who lives with , is everyone on board with getting a new family member, how will they feed it, where will it sleep, where will it be kept when no one is home... I'm a volunteer with an animal rescue group and we home visit all of our placements in attempt to keep the puppies and dogs out of shelters in the future,, your puppy has no one but you to look out for her best interests, so if something doesn't seem right it probably isn't and you have every right to home visit , ask for references, even a vet reference which is where they would let their vet know you'll be calling for a reference so that they may give you information as to if they are responsible pet owners.

  • Rae
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    7 years ago

    Its fake. I got the same type of reply when I posted my Xbox on Craig's list. Always the same story, I need to ship it somewhere for someone, and they will pay me an extra 100$ or 200$. They would send me a fake Paypal statement that always ended up in my junk mail because it wasn't really sent from PayPal. The money wouldn't be in my PayPal when they said they sent it, but they always assured me it would show up and to send the Xbox right away. They want u to send it before u figure out its a bunch of bs. Its a common scam. U shouldn't be shipping a pup anywhere to some stranger. U should be asking for vet records, performing a home check and getting to know the people that want your puppy. People can pretend to be anyone on the internet. U don't want that puppy ending up like Puppy Doe do u? All kinds of scum lurk around on Craig's list looking for bate dogs, free or cheap dogs and cats to sell to laboratories to be tested on, and any other kind of twisted thing u could imagine.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    100% scam.

    Note how he can't even keep his story straight: first his "private shipping company" will arrange to pick up the dog from you, but then he's going to send you a check to cover shipping the puppy to him.

    And why would anyone send you an "extra $100"? He's hoping greed will sucker you in.

    The check will bounce, you'll have no puppy, and you'll have paid $$$ to send the puppy to the scammer. Heaven only knows what will happen to the poor dog...if it's lucky it will get flipped (re-sold for a quick profit), if it's not, it will end up at a filthy puppy mill producing litter after litter until she dies....

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Don't do it! Why would they ship it for all that money instead of getting on in CA also don't sell your puppy on Craiglist check the home do a home check and make sure its not victim to fighting or anything like that!

  • 7 years ago

    It sound a little fake but you can never know for sure, You always want to meet the people before you sell the dog also so I would check them out see if they really have a daughter if they look suspicious

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