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Question about my German Shepperd that attacked other dogs .........?

My 65 pound female German Shepperd lived to be almost 16 years old, was a grreat dog- never bit anybody (altho its hair would stand up on its back at it would bark menacingly at strangers), but it would attack other dogs smaller than itself. If there was a larger dog it would bark at it or even ignore it . But smaller dogs it attacked or wanted to attack. We never got in trouble of the few dogs it hurt because neither was on a leash so both were at fault. Why was my dog so aggressive toward other dogs ? jealousy of them being around or what ?

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    7 years ago
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    *Shepherd. She was bred for sheep herding.

    I can't tell if you mean she was in your yard, and would bark at other dogs that went past. It's normal for dogs to bark when people/animals go by.

    If you mean this dog would try to attack anywhere, and day, anytime... then probably lack of socialization. No one can really know for sure.

  • 7 years ago

    Your dog is aggressive, you know the dog is aggressive, you didn't have it on leash, let it attack someones dog despite knowing it was aggressive. Your fault 100%

    Hope you enjoy a visit from AC

  • Nomadd
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    7 years ago

    Like people, some dogs are just jerks.

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