Skyrim soldiers peaceful to The Dark Brotherhood ? NO SPOILERS PLS?

Hello, I have question, why in TESV: Skyrim, the soldiers (imperial, stormcloacks, whiterun etc.) are peaceful with Dark Brotherhood, they kill people and everybody knows it, *SPOILER* they killed the Titus Mede II *SPOILER* and everybody knows it, why for example nobody starts to attack me when I they saw me doing it ? Guard NPC's are talking about me/dark brotherhood how I killed him

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    7 years ago
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    They're guards, idiots of all idiots. Plus if they kill you the dark brotherhood might come after them! And you're like thane in every city and a very important person.

    Source(s): Guards/police are always stupid.
  • 7 years ago

    They're secretive, predominant ,feared and more then likely have ties with influential people. There predominance is key in political assassination, More then likely Titus isn't well liked with or people are afraid to go against them. That game makes me lol at times your using a sneak attack with a bow hit the NPC wait hide when the NPC looks for you.After the NPC stops looking for you "There's no one there most be hearing things".Arrow stuck in his back lol.

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